White Valance with Black Trim

Choosing the black and white color scheme for your bedroom is truly a bold statement. But if you really like it and already made the decision, a little neutralization added would be much helpful. Want some references? Here is a great sample for you – the white valance with black trim by Saturday Knight. The Kate window treatment offers you with the optional valance and tier pair, which perfectly combines its quaint, traditional appeal with this contemporary color scheme.

black & white valance

In terms of window treatments styles, the color scheme of black and white tends to make your bedrooms or kitchens full of modern tinges. But the only drawback is that it is a little bit too commercialized. Apparently you don’t want your bedroom look similar to those in the hotels, do you? Staying there for a long time usually would cause too much stress and in turn the sleeping problem. Anyway, the alternative solution is to highlight the white while marginalizing the black. By doing this would make your room seem modern, clean, spacious, and brighter. In this respect, obviously this simple yet classy Kate valance has done a good job.

Anyway, black and white valance curtains can fit well with a lot of different colors if done properly no matter it is bold or neutral ones. But you do need a considerate plan before taking any action. Besides, it is all about your personal taste and preference to make it look cottage or contemporary. You can achieve any style you want by fusing this black white valance with other home furnishing. If you want it to appear neutral, matching it with wall colors, like gold, cream, tan, brown, and sage green, would be a good idea. These colors won’t pop out to your eyes and create stress easily. However, if you prefer a dramatic effect, blending it with bold colors’ walls would be much better, such as purple, yellow, blue, and orange. You know, vibrant colors tend to give an extra vigor.

Would like to install window valance in black and white for your kitchens or bedrooms? This white valance with black trim, measuring 58” wide x 13” long in size, is highly recommended. The Kate valance is made of 100-percent polyester and definitely machine washable. And you don’t need to concern about whether or not it would fit with your curtain rod because it is available with standard rod pocket. As for where to buy this item at the best price, no one can beat Amazon.com, right?

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