Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain

You may not know The Yellow Submarine movie, but you do know The Beatles, don’t you? Now 45 years passed, and many commercial items, for example yellow submarine shower curtain, have been developed in memory of this great cartoon movie. In terms of bathroom decor, nothing beats this Beatles shower curtain in their fans’ eyes. If you happen to be one of their avid fans or simply kids, fore sure you will have a lot of fun on your bathing journey right behind such a cute submarine in bright yellow color.

the beatles yellow submarine fabric bathroom shower curtain

Inspired by the designer of Jan Habraken, this cool graphics is so unique that can remind of you the thrilling scenes in the movie whenever you step into the bathtub. This item, provided by Kikkerland, is made of 100% frosted EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), the copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene. Thanks to its excellent quality, this PVC Free material has wide applications on different fields. Compared to vinyl and rubber items, EVA smells much better. Besides, these shower curtains measure 72″ wide x 72″ long, suiting the standard 60-inch bathtub down to the ground.

Just in case you know little about this Yellow Submarine movie and song. Here is the brief introduction and my review for your reference only. This is the best film I ever saw about the Beatles. Everything there is nearly perfect, the exaggerated colorful scenes, unusual characters image design, plots by unrestrained imagination, and the classic song. In Pepperland, the Beatles are the savior and they drive away the Blue Meanies by their great songs. As a result, the Pepperland restores to normal as it is eventually. In this movie, a lot of colors have been blended, which however leads to no mess at all. During the Beatles’ fantastic tour, a lot of fancy things turn up – the Father Time, the large gear that pass time quickly, bearded man, monsters that engulf everything including themselves, and more. This is exactly the Beatles’ world – a colorful place where is full of frantic delusions.

Are you ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Beatles? If yes, currently this terrific item is available on at a very cheap price due to much discounts have been offered. Well, it’s your turn now to stand behind the Beatles yellow submarine fabric bathroom shower curtain, and then dive deep underwater as possible as you could while singing it out loud: ” We all live in a yellow submarine…”

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